Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Make it happen...

As you read in my previous post, I was going to try and get a handle on things and Make it Happen! You may ask, Make What Happen? I'm wanting to get a more organized handle on the house, kids, and husband, so that I make it easier for myself to try and do it all- as so many of us do!  My first objective was to organize and clean my kid's playroom.  Per the advice of my mom, Valerie, I went to  Flylady's baby steps will give you step by step tips to start you on a cleaning schedule.  I plan to follow some of these tips (shoes, hair, and make-up I just can't/want to always do!) But I wanted to tackle something a bit larger to make a big impact for myself, so I skipped ahead (she does not advise this) to the decluttering section of her website.  I did what she stated and brought a box, a trash bag, and a dusting cloth to the playroom.  I left with a full box to give away, a very full trash bag to throw away, and a large pile to recycle.  Flylady says not to burn out and do all in one day what takes days, weeks, or months to accumulate; however, my personality likes to finish what I start.  Here are the before and after pictures- I'm excited about my progress.  Although may not meet your exact needs or desires, I do feel that it will inspire you to create your own baby steps to follow and definitely has some great advice that we can take away and apply to our own lives. So, if you have something that you have been wanting to do whether it's paying bills, making a call to someone special, or cleaning your messy playroom, dive in and Make it Happen!!!  

The Before

This was all stuff to go through

The same corner after I went through and organized

The after :)


  1. I Love that little pirate on the sofa!!! Love how you got motivated and love your bonus room. That is my favorite room of your house. And you can thank Vicki for She introduced me to that website many years ago. It sure has been a blessing to me.

  2. i love nothing more than a good before and after pic :) between you and flylady you'd think id be motivated to start doing something! i cant even manage to shine my sink yet!! lol but i am going to...eventually. seems you have taken on my position and i yours lol.

  3. Flylady is such a great idea! You have inspired me to get back to her methods!

  4. I love reading your blog! You may not remember me, but I am a church friend of your Mom's. I no longer live in Dalton but we try to keep in touch through blogging. You remind me a lot of my sister. We have a blog, but she posts on it a lot more than I do, you can check it out at